How to clean your shoes? Here is our simple guide

Very often we forget or procrastinate cleaning our shoes until we realize that they have taken on too many gray or black tones. Yet their importance should never be underestimated, in addition to their function of protecting and giving comfort to the foot, in fact they have the task of completing and giving importance to the outfit.

If you are a person who cares about always having their shoes impeccable, or at least tries to, we present here a guide of a few simple steps on how to clean your shoes efficiently.

Notebook in hand and off we go!

However, there is one aspect that we would like to underline: each material of which a shoe is made may require certain products, especially based on the level of wear.

What we recommend for cleaning is:

  • Cloth
  • Soft cloth
  • Airplane
  • Self-polishing sponge (leather fabrics)
  • Reviving (suede fabrics)

Take the pair of shoes you want to clean along with a cloth. Start by removing any dust residue or any easily removable dirt. At this point take off. Start pouring the product this time on the soft cloth and not directly on the shoe. Then starting from the sole, rub gently until you see improvements. Repeat several times if the amount of dirt is high.

Subsequently, if the shoe does not have leather or suede fabrics, use the same method for the rest of the shoe and complete the cleaning. For the leather parts, use an easily available self-polishing sponge, while if there are suede parts, use a brightener.

If the laces are dirty and unrecoverable and you therefore need to replace them, we invite you to go to this page where you will find our laces.


First of all, we suggest the daily use of a shoe horn, in order to maintain the original shape of the shoe and avoid ugly creases on the heel.

Make sure to maintain the shape of the shoes using a shoe tree or, if you don't have one, simply insert some paper.